Digital Worship Schedule

In this time of digital-only worship, Trinity continues to have weekly worship together, as well as opportunities to check in with each other, times when we can gather to discuss faith, God, fear, and our place in the world, and even more.


Our Sunday worship for now is pre-recorded, as will be our Holy Week services, and you can expect to find a post with the video at the top of this page, here. (The pre-recorded videos won’t go away after the day they’re meant for. They’ll stay on Mother Sare’s YouTube page, so you can watch them later, if you like.) In addition to having our Sunday Worship available, you can also look forward to the following services being available to you:

Palm Sunday is April 5th.
Maundy Thursday is April 9th.
Good Friday is April 10th.
Easter Vigil is April 11th.
Easter Sunday is April 12th.


Trinity Church is gathering for live face-to-face coffee hours, bible studies, meetings, and Compline using the online meeting tool Zoom. If you never used it before, head over to and sign up for a free account. All of our Trinity Church Gatherings happen at this link: and they are open to everyone. Here’s when anyone is invited to join us:

Digital Coffee Hour – Sundays, 11:30 AM
Live Compline – Sundays, 7 PM
Bible Study/Pub Theology – Wednesdays, 6 PM
Vestry Meeting – to be announced

Most Wednesdays we’ll be doing a bible study. On the first Wednesdays of the month, we’ll be doing Pub Theology, which is more of a free-for all of questions, answers, and philosophical musings.

What’s Compline? Compline (pronounced COMP-lyn) is a very short prayer service that can be completed in 10 minutes and that is meant to be something done very late at night. If you have a Book of Common Prayer at home, it begins on page 127. If you don’t, check out, (then click Daily Offices, then click Compline) or if you prefer to go straight to the service click here.

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