What to Expect on Sunday


You can park in front of the church on the street, or in the lot directly next to the church. There is even more parking in the public lot across the street, behind the police station, complete with an EV charging station, if that’s how you roll.

If you come in right through the front door at 10:30AM, you’ll be just in time to take a seat before the music begins to play.

Christian Education

Adult Bible Study takes place on the second Sunday of every month at Noon in the Parish Hall. Trinity also hosts a Community Bible Study for seekers at Vertical Cafe on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 2pm. For more details on both opportunities, read on here.

Children’s Sunday School is during the service, and one of our teachers will gather the children just before we begin singing the first hymn. The children will rejoin us just before Communion and finish the service in the pews with us. If perchance one of our Sunday School teachers is absent or unavailable, we have brightly colored bags at the entrance of the church for the children’s use during the service.

Worship, etc…

Our worship comes straight from the Book of Common Prayer, and if you’re not familiar with it, you can just follow along – it’s all printed out in our worship bulletin. Our hymns are straight forward, and shower singers are always welcome. Our preaching is dynamic, so expect to take home food for thought to chew on throughout your week. You can listen to past sermons here. Our coffee hour is fantastic, so bring your appetite!

The first Sunday of the month we worship in the more traditional language of Rite I. All other services are in the more contemporary language of Rite II.

The parish hall exterior door is located to the left of the church, down the sidewalk (between the church and the pizza joint). To enter the parish hall from within, exit the sanctuary at the door to the left of the altar, go through the hallway and all the way back.

Our restroom is located in the office, just within the parish hall.

Our church is not yet entirely handicapped accessible, but we’re getting there!

Who is Welcome?

Everyone is welcome to worship at Trinity, and all who are called by God to receive communion are welcome to do so, regardless of age or background. Anyone may receive just the bread if they prefer not to drink wine, and a gluten free option is available upon request. If anyone prefers to receive a blessing rather than communion, a blessing is always offered.

Trinity is a liberal leaning church, in a large sea of conservative options in Wyoming County. So, if you’re slightly (or significantly) left of center when it comes to God, Trinity may be what you’ve been looking for.


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