Trinity Episcopal Church


Forgiving The Sins of Others

How do we forgive the nitwits in our lives? How can we not when we realize how much power we have over the other people in our lives? We have the power to crush the spirit of others, and make this world a hell for each other. We also have the power to forgive and wipe a slate clean.

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New Age Book Study

Lost at sea? Looking for something more? Want to understand your life? Sometimes the answer isn’t to puzzle over an ancient text. Sometimes we puzzle over new ones. If you’re skeptical, searching, spiritual but not religious, or too liberal for conservative church, this may be the group for you!

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Is God A Boy’s Name?

Maybe you vote Republican. Maybe you vote Democrat. Maybe you don’t vote at all.

But that has nothing to do with how you think of God. And if how you think of God doesn’t bring you joy and peace… maybe it’s time to start thinking again. Join us. and begin again.

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Pet Blessing!

Sunday, October 2nd, 12:30pm – be there, and bring your pets!

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2015 Envisioned!

January is also the time when we look forward in hope to the new year. This year at Trinity we’ll be building on our successes and venturing even farther with boldness and grace, doing what we do best: being hospitable…

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Year in Review

The end of January means that it’s time to look back on the year that has just ended. We celebrate our successes, take heart in the midst of our failures, welcome new families, welcome home old friends and say goodbye to…

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