What to Expect on Sunday

When to arrive? Where to park? What door to use? What to do? When is Sunday School again? This is your guide to walking through Trinity’s doors for the first time.


Need an introductory course to what Jesus actually did and said? How about going deeper, bringing all your questions, fears, and deep skepticism? Or maybe you need to study an excellent modern spiritual text like Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’. …we have a class for that.


So you wanna help fix the world? We can do this in three ways. First, we help people in crisis. Second, we help change the systemic nature of this downtrodden life. Third, we help change the world by changing ourselves.


The Last Will & Testament of Jesus Christ

Jesus tells us that if we only get one thing from his teaching, if all he’s said has gone in one ear and out the other, remember and do this one thing: Love each other as he’s loved us. Listen now to hear more.

At the end of the day…

What do we do when the world falls apart in front of us? Some of us just decide to go home. But wherever we are, God will meet us there. Listen now to find out more.

Jesus’ How To Guide

Jesus gives us a very clear how-to guide on how to love each other. Listen on to hear how it’s done.

Jesus on Divorce

It seems on the surface like Jesus is saying, ‘divorce is inherently a bad idea, and you’re wrong to do it’, when in fact culturally speaking, Jesus’ message seemed to be, ‘you treat women like kleenex, please stop, they’re not meant to be disposable.’

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Being Useless

What is real humility? Can God use even the useless?

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When Life Is Horrible

This is a sermon we offer to you for when life is rough. It was preached directly after yet another violent tragedy (this time, a shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada), but it’s full of wisdom to refer to whenever you are in the midst of the uncontrollable chaos of pain and suffering and you can’t see your way out.

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