Trinity Episcopal Church

Digital Worship for May 3, 2020

Digital Worship: April 26, 2020

Good morning! Have some worship.

Digital Worship: April 19, 2020

Good morning!

This is a reminder that we will still have Digital Coffee Hour at 11:30 AM for people to check if if they like, and we will ALSO have Vestry Meeting in a separate space at Noon.

Digital Worship: Easter Sunday

Digital Worship: Easter Vigil

Digital Worship: Good Friday

Maundy Thursday Digital Worship


Digital Worship: April 5, 2020

Good morning!

Enjoy your Palm Sunday worship!

Digital Worship: March 29, 2020

Welcome to Trinity Church’s digital worship for the 5th Sunday in Lent. But first, some announcements:

Next Week Is Palm Sunday!

If you happen to be going past the church, grab a palm for yourself and your family. They’ll be sitting out front. But don’t make a special trip!

Join Us For Digital Coffee Hour!

We’ll gather on Zoom in our digital parish hall at 11:30 AM on Sunday, so grab a beverage, pull up your technology and say hello!

Live, Face-to-Face Prayer on Sunday Night!

7 PM on Sunday night in our digital parish hall, we’ll gather and pray Compline together. If you’ve never done it before, it’s a beautiful and brief service meant to happen last thing in the day. You can find it in the Book of Common Prayer on page 127, or at after clicking ‘Daily Office’ and ‘Compline’.



Digital Worship: March 22, 2020

Welcome to Trinity Church’s first digital worship. The sound quality is something we’ll be working on (we’ve got an awesome mic to be delivered next week), and a special thanks goes out to Linda Morris our intercessor who was willing to read in front of the camera.

We’re going to be switching our in-person Pub Theology to a Digital Pub Theology, hosted on Zoom. If you’re unfamiliar with zoom, it’s a super easy way to have meetings and gatherings online. Our first gathering will be at 6pm on the first Wednesday of April, and a link for the meeting will be available next week. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re already part of our community located in Warsaw or around the country, or if you’re just in it for the conversation – it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and listen in on conversations and gather a little more hope for your day. If it’s popular and people want it, we can have more than monthly gatherings.

We’re also going to be starting up a Zoom Bible Study which can be held on Sundays, or during the week, depending on what people want. If you haven’t already received an invitation to join zoom from me in your email, just go ahead and join it on your own – then you’ll be ready to join Trinity as we meet to gather for fellowship, learning, and administration during this time of social distance in some ways and social closeness in others.