Trinity Episcopal Church

Digital Worship for July 12, 2020

Good morning!

Digital Worship for July 5, 2020

Good morning! Here is today’s worship, wherein Mother Sare preaches on the collect (the opening prayer of the week) and the Apostle Paul being really quite human.


Digital Worship for June 28, 2020

Good morning!

A few announcements before we get into worship and the sermon which, today, explains the difference between the things Paul the Apostle tends to say and the things Jesus the Son of God tends to say. Fun times, fun times.

We have a tentative Sanctuary reopening date: the first Sunday of August. Why is it tentative? Because in the middle of July the vestry is going to review current COVID-19 data for our area and decide if we’re really going to meet together the, or if we ought to push it back some more.

Yes, worshiping together in our Sanctuary is something many of us miss. No, no one wants to play fast and loose with your health. Or theirs.

Regardless, until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus, Mother Sare will still be offering pre-recorded worship that will be available here on the website for anyone wishing to stay home.

Digital Worship for June 21, 2020

Good morning! This morning’s sermon tackles that fascinating thing Jesus says in Matthew ‘I come not to bring peace, but to bring the sword… to set son against father and daughter against mother…’ Because why avoid the hard bits? Why not wrestle with them and try to figure them out, instead?

Digital Worship for June 14, 2020

Good morning!

Digital Worship for June 7, 2020

Good morning!

Digital Worship for Pentecost

Welcome to the digital worship for Pentecost, May 31, 2020.

Digital Worship for May 24, 2020

Good morning! Have some worship.

Digital Church for May 17, 2020

Good morning! Have some worship!

Digital Worship for May 10, 2020