Jesus Keeps It Coming

The Readings

The readings for this past Sunday are Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18, Psalm 119:33-40, 1 Corinthians 3:10-11, 16-23, and Matthew 5:38-48, and can be listened to or downloaded here. The intros for Levitcus and 1 Corinthians are courtesy of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

The Sermon

The sermon, preached on February 19, 2017 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Warsaw, NY, by the Rev. Sare Anuszkiewicz can be listened to or downloaded here.

Jesus Raises the Bar

The Readings

The readings for this past Sunday are Sirach 15:15-20, Psalm 119:1-8, 1 Corinthians 3:1-9, and Matthew 5:21-37, and can be listened to or downloaded here. The intros for Sirach and 1 Corinthians are courtesy of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal.

The Sermon

The sermon, preached on February 12, 2017 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Warsaw, NY, by the Rev. Sare Anuszkiewicz can be listened to or downloaded here.


Starting this week, Mother Sare will be making her sermons available in mp3 format. You’ll be able to download the readings and the sermon in two separate files, or listen to them right here. If you’re looking for previous sermons, you can find them in the sermon archive, located through the sidebar of the site.

Sermons will always be uploaded by Tuesday at Noon, but many weeks might be available sooner.


Pet Blessing!

635919595537890593-383233471_140720-inside-cat-dog-ftrFall is here, and that means that it is time for Trinity’s Blessing of the Animals! This year it is on Sunday, October 2nd, at 12:30 PM. We’ll be right out in the front of the sanctuary if the weather is fair. If it starts raining cats and dogs, we’ll take the cats and dogs indoors!

All are welcome, and no experience with God is necessary. Bring your cats and dogs, your rats and ferrets, your snakes, spiders, chickens, and ponies! We’re also happy to bless stuffed animals, and your animals via a photograph.

All donations made will go towards Trinity’s Pet Food Pantry which serves Wyoming County on a first-come, first-served, no questions asked basis on the first Sunday of each month, from 2-3 PM.  If you’d like to bring a donation of pet food, we particularly need cat food! If you need a donation of pet food, come back at 2pm and we’ll hook you up.

The Gospel of Luke

Gospel of Luke.jpgThe Adult Bible Study group is now tackling the Gospel of Luke! All are welcome – we meet in the parish hall at 9AM on Sundays (except the 3rd Sunday of the month). No prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary, but if you have one, bring it along.

Wondering what goes on? We read short sections of the book in question, slowly and out loud. Then we talk about what we noticed – what jumped out at us, what confused us, what makes us happy or annoys us about the passage. The group leader shares some of the cultural background of the story, and what other theologians and biblical scholars have made of it – and then we decide how it speaks to us!

Wading through ancient spiritual texts isn’t always easy, but it’s usually always rewarding. Any and all are welcome to join us at any time.

Blessing of the Animals

Sometimes they're this happy together. Sometimes...
Sometimes they’re this happy together. Sometimes…

Trinity Church is having their First Annual Blessing of the Animals, on Sunday, October 4th at 1pm! Bring your animals, large or small, and we’ll bless them in a very short service. All animals are welcome, and if the weather is fine, we’ll be just outside the church on the lawn. In inclement weather, we’ll bring the service inside the sanctuary. If your animal doesn’t travel well, bring a picture of it!

Donations of pet food (and cash, of course!) are welcome, and will go toward Trinity’s Pet Food Pantry, which is open on the first Sunday of the month at 2pm, which includes October 4th, just one hour after the Blessing of the Animals.

Why do we bless animals?

We bless animals in honor of St. Francis of Assisi whose feast day is October 4th. St. Francis of Assisi lived in Italy in the 12th century. Having grown up in a wealthy family, he renounced his wealth and worldly possessions and lived very simply. He founded two monastic orders (the Franciscans and the Poor Clares), but he also had a special relationship with animals whom he talked with, and who seemed to listen when he told them ‘no’.

There is a story of a wolf living outside the town of Gubbio in Italy. The wolf came into the town each evening, eating some inhabitants and frightening everyone else. Francis went to speak to the animal, calling him Brother Wolf and discovered that the wolf was starving. Francis explained to Brother Wolf that his own hunger was not reason enough to eat the townspeople, their livestock, and their pets, and to terrorize them. The wolf became gentle, and Francis brokered an agreement with the town that they would feed the wolf and the wolf would be kind to them. The story tells that Brother Wolf became so gentle that he would allow the children of the town to ride on his back.

Francis did many other interesting things, and in his honor we gather today with our animals – our pets, our service animals, livestock, police dogs and horses, zoo animals and all God’s creatures and give thanks for what they do for us and for what they mean to us.

2015 Envisioned!

January is also the time when we look forward in hope to the new year. This year at Trinity we’ll be building on our successes and venturing even farther with boldness and grace, doing what we do best: being hospitable in the name of God.

Presence in The Community

In 2015, we’ll be continuing our monthly Community Coffee Hours. They’ll be held on the first Wednesday of each month at 9:30am in our Parish Hall, which can be reached by following the sidewalk on the left of the church (next to the pizza place), and entering through the black doors with the inset glass cross.

We’re also looking at two new outreach opportunities, in addition to our ongoing outreach ministries. We’re looking at joining/forming an ecumenical partnership with Warsaw area churches and Literacy West in order to tutor and mentor high school aged youth as well as adults. We’re also looking at the possibility of beginning a Pet Food Pantry, the first in our area, but not the first in our Diocese.

Worship for The Community

AshestoGoPostcardIn 2015, we’ll be introducing three new services, particularly with our larger community in mind. Ashes to Go, in February, will be our drive-thru Ash Wednesday offering.  The Backpack Blessing, in August, will be open and available for anyone getting in the back-to-school mindset. The Blessing of the Animals, in October, will be open and available to all the pets and working animals in our community (and their people). More information on these services will be posted on this site, as they become available.

Evangelism & Newcomer Integration Efforts

Evangelism as a word can misunderstood in our culture, but it really just means ‘sharing good news’ in Greek. And that’s what we do, wherever we go. God has made our lives bearable, breathable, and beautiful, and we want to share that beauty.

In 2015, we’ll be advertising and telling people about our new and continuing community work, and our new community worship opportunities. There will be flyers, postcards and personal invitations. And when people walk in the door, we’re going to do our best to make them feel welcome, help them get to know one another, and make Trinity a safe and welcoming place for individuals and families looking for a spiritual home.