Community Bible Study

The Second Wednesday of the month at 2pm at Vertical Cafe (18 W. Buffalo St, Warsaw), Trinity Episcopal Church sponsors a Community Bible Study. This Bible Study is lead by Mother Sare – and if you’re wondering how you can find her in the cafe, she’s the woman with the stack of bibles in front of her. 🙂

What To Expect

This is a liberal-leaning bible study that will focus in on the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. While the texts we’ll examine are listed below, all questions are always welcome.

Everyone has a ‘lens’ – it’s how we see the world. Some people have rose-colored glasses on, and we think of them as optimists. Some people are glass-half-empty sorts, and we see them as pessimists. We have lenses when we read the bible, too, and Trinity Episcopal Church’s ‘lens’ is the Summary of the Law (Mark 12:29-31), where Jesus says the most important things we can possibly do in this world are to love God, love our neighbors, and love ourselves – and that all written holy scripture is commentary.

So that’s how we read the bible: It is commentary on figuring out how to love ourselves, love our neighbors, and love our God. Sometimes the commentary is excellent and obvious. Sometimes it’s very confusing. That’s why we study it with expert help.

What Do We Read?

Every time we meet, we have a little bit of intro: The Summary of the Law, how to have respectful conversations about difficult topics when we might disagree, this kind of thing. There will be a handout that you can take home to read when you have a moment that covers it all, too.

The bible study is in six parts, one for each time we meet. You don’t have to come in at the beginning, and you don’t have to come to every one – you can drop in whenever your schedule permits. And if you’ve gone to all six and you’re yearning for more? Then it’s time to switch over to our Sunday Bible Study.

Part One: John 1:1-14. This is the Cosmic Beginning of Jesus, and a little different from your average Christmas Story.

Part Two: Matthew 3:1-4:11. This is the Baptism & Temptation of Jesus, and is full of goodies and insights.

Part Three: Luke 4:16-30. This is part of the beginning of Jesus’s earthly ministry. It started in his home town, and it upset a lot of people.

Part Four: Luke 6:17-38. This is one of Jesus’ teachings, and it was awfully hard to swallow for the people who first heard it.

Part Five: John 10:1-18. This is another of Jesus’ teachings. He uses a lot of farming and ranching imagery, and this one is often misunderstood.

Part Six: Matthew 28:16-20. This is one of Jesus’ most comforting moments. It’s an appearance after his death and resurrection. He gives his followers marching orders, and deep comfort.

What Do I Bring?

If you have a bible, bring it! If you don’t, use one of ours.

If you’ve got little ones, rather than finding a baby sitter, just bring them along. Most kids can play quietly while the adults talk, and some older kids might find the conversation interesting.

If you have questions about God, Christianity, the Church, What You’ve Been Told Before, bring those, too!

Do you need to RSVP? Nope! If the bible study needs to be called off for weather, there will be a notice right on the front of our website so everyone knows.


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