Bible Study

The Second Sunday of each month, at Noon in the Parish Hall, Mother Sare holds an adult bible study. Bring your bibles or borrow one of ours and come join us!

What to Expect

This is a liberal-leaning bible study that will inform you of the cultural context of the time and place the original stories were told.

Together we carefully wade through the story of the month and discuss what piece of truth can be found within: what does the story tell us that is true about the world, ourselves, or/and God?

Finally, we begin to discern what personal message God has for ourselves inside this story. How can we be informed, comforted, or challenged?

Upcoming Stories

October 2018 – Abraham the Liar.

November 2018 – The Woman Who Saw God (And Lived!). Genesis 16 & 21.

December 2018 – Trickster Jacob.

January 2019 – Joseph’s Technicolor Dreams.

Past Stories

July 2018 – Creation Story(ies). Genesis 1 & 2.

August 2018 – Family Values 101. Genesis 3 & 4.

September 2018 – The Flood Story(ies) Genesis 6-9.

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