Community Coffee Hour

We love having our after church coffee hour so much, we decided to do it during the week, too! Join us on the 1st Wednesdays of the month at 9:30 AM (weather permitting, in the winter) for some free coffee and nibbles, some conversation and a chance to meet new friends.

One Comment on “Community Coffee Hour

  1. Hello! Could you please let us know the details of how you do this coffee time on Wednesdays? How many people come? How many volunteers do you use?
    I am a retired Minister in Hamilton Ontario and was on my way to a conference this past week with our current Minister and we saw your sign.
    A great idea and we would like to do it mid-week too as we are one block from McMaster University. Do you have time to fill us in?Thank you. Use “>
    Archeacon John Smith
    St.George’s Church, 134 Emerson Street, Hamilton Ontario Canada


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