About Us

We are an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Western New York, dedicated to loving our neighbors and loving God. We are looking for ways to reach out more and more into our community to show the love we’ve got for one another and let it spill out everywhere.

We gather for worship at 10:30 AM on Sundays and our coffee hours after worship can’t be beat! Our children’s Sunday school takes place during the Sunday service. Children will be gathered by the teacher and taken back into the parish hall for the lesson, and will return to worship in time for communion. Any interested parents are welcome to join the teacher and sit in on the lesson.

Trinity hosts two bible studies, one for the Community, and one on Sunday Morning.

Trinity is the home of the SnackPak for Kids program, which makes sure that eligible kids have something to eat on the weekends, during the school year. Trinity is also the home of the Community Coffee Hour , the Pet Food Pantry, and the Little Book House. Donations and volunteers are always welcome!

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