A Return to In Person Worship

Trinity has returned to in person worship for the time being. This is a somewhat shorter service that does include music and communion. Please be aware that masking mandates may change without notice, so be prepared to bring a mask to wear in case one is necessary. There is a quarantine area available at the back of the sanctuary for those who wish to socially distance.

Beginning in October 2021 we will have a limited coffee hour in the parish hall directly after the service, socially distanced by family unit. You are invited to bring a snack to munch on within your family unit. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Sunday School this year will be a monthly Take Home bag available a few weeks before the next month begins. The Take Home bag contains readings, discussion, and off-line activities to engage in for 15-20 minutes each week of the month and is aimed at both adults and children.

Mother Sare will hold office hours on Wednesday afternoons by appointment only, and is always available via phone, email, and text.

These announcements are subject to change without notice on this website, so please do check the signage at the church when you enter, and the announcements in the beginning of the worship guide for the most recent news.

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