Digital Church & The Coronavirus

The church building is closed, in compliance with the Governor of NY and the Bishop of WNY. These means a lot of changes, so read on!

What about worship? Click here for this Sunday’s worship. Mother Sare will be preparing and uploading a worship experience for each Sunday that we are in quarantine and that the church building is closed. If you missed worship and want to find a previous one, click the link above and just keep scrolling down.

What about meetings? Click here to join in on Coffee Hour or Pub Theology. Think of it as a Digital Parish Hall, hosted courtesy of Vestry will meet here at the usual time, unless we decide otherwise.

  • Coffee Hour: Sundays at 11:30 AM
  • Pub Theology: 1st Wednesdays at 6 PM

What about outreach? Our pet food pantry is continuing to operate outside the parish hall, at the standard time. Our snackpak feeding ministry has taken over our little book house, so you can find food there instead of books!

All who worship with Trinity are always welcome to call, email, or text Mother Sare with their questions or concerns. Trinity’s building will be closed for the time being, and Mother Sare will be working from home.

Check back on this page to see details for joining Mother Sare as she hosts worship digitally on Sundays, and for updates concerning the opening and closing of the church for public worship.


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