John the Baptist vs. St. Nick

You know, in this life we need all kinds. We need people like John the Baptist to come and yell at us to shape up or ship out. And sometimes we need people like Bishop Nicholas of Myra who simply help, and help in life-changing ways.

[If the sermon seems to cut off, it’s because it ended with the distribution of some St. Nicholas of Myra saint cards, which didn’t get recorded.]

[And yes, Mother Sare consistently mispronounce Myra, and instead add an unnecessary ‘n’.]

This sermon was preached by the Rev. Sare Liz Anuszkiewicz at Trinity, Warsaw, NY on December 8, 2019, which is also sometimes known as Advent 2, Year A. The readings were Isaiah 11:1-10, Romans 15:4-13, Matthew 3:1-12, and Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19.



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