Study Guide: Power of Now 1&2

Study Guide!

This is a list of questions to help you prepare for the New Age Book Study that will cover Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, introduction and chapters one and two. To find other review question blog posts on the same theme, check out this archive.

Remember, these are questions to help you go deep and engage. In an hour we won’t be able to cover them all, and so we won’t even try.

For more information about our New Age Book Study, check out its info page.


The Origin of This Book

Have you ever had an experience like Tolle describes, where you realize there might be more to “you” than just “you”?

The Truth That Is Within You

Sometimes we say there is an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Tolle takes this general idea and goes deep with it. What is your thinking/intellectual response to this? What is your feeling/emotional response?

Chapter One: You Are Not Your Mind

The Greatest Obstacle To Enlightenment

What are your thoughts and feelings on enlightenment? Do you think it’s possible for a person to reach it if they try?

Freeing Yourself From Your Mind

Have you had an instance of being able to ‘watch the thinker’ as Tolle describes?

Enlightenment: Rising Above Thought

Have you ever been able to stop thinking when you wanted to do so?

Emotion: The Body’s Reaction To The Mind

Are you someone who feels their emotions or who doesn’t?

Chapter Two: Consciousness: The Way Out Of Pain

Create No More Pain In The Present

Tolle says, “The greater part of human pain is unnecessary.” What is your thinking and emotional reactions to this statement?

Past Pain: Dissolving the Pain-Body

Have you felt your pain-body?

Ego Identification With the Pain-Body

Are you ready to start healing your pain-body as you can?

The Origin of Fear

Do you recognize fear as one of your companions?

The Ego’s Search for Wholeness

What have you done in the past to try to reach completeness? To fill the emptiness?

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