Ash Wednesday

Lent is almost upon us, friends, and that means that it is time to clean out the closets of our hearts and minds. It is time to take out and examine each item we find in there; each assumption, each habit, each regret – or perhaps to just take out one and focus on it (examining it, judging its usefulness, perhaps engaging in some forgiving, or asking forgiveness of others) so that by the end of Lent we are ready to let it go. 

The best way to kick off Lent is to attend a service on Ash Wednesday which is March 1st this year. Trinity has two options for the people of Warsaw and Wyoming County:

Ashes to Go, 5-6pm
Imposition of Ashes (traditional indoor service), 6pm

Our Sunday services continue as usual during Lent. We meet to worship at 10:30 AM, and there is a Sunday School for children during the service.

Mark your calendars for Holy Week:

Maundy Thursday, April 13 
Soup & Sandwich Potluck Supper – 6pm
Stripping of the Altar service – 7pm

Good Friday, April 14
Ecumenical Service
Beginning at Trinity – Noon

Easter Vigil, April 15 

Easter Day Service, April 16 

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