Gospel of Thomas & City of God

Our Adult Study has selected the next book we’ll be reading! Our next book to study will be a quick one – The Gospel of Thomas. We’ll begin on Sunday, January 25th at 9AM in the Parish Hall. We’ll be studying the Gospel of Thomas for four weeks. Printed copies will be available on the day. Anyone interested in a free pdf version, click here. We’ll have a week off while Mother Sare is on vacation before our next book.

For Lent we’ll be reading along with the Bishop and the whole Diocese in the One Diocese, One Season, One Book selection for this year – Sara Miles’ City of God. We begin studying on Sunday, March 1st. Copies have already been ordered for any interested parties and will be available shortly for only $10 each. Talk to Mother Sare if you’re interested in reading along at home, or with the Adult Study group and would like a discounted book.

The author, Sara Miles, is coming to our Diocese to speak with us all on March 5th at 7pm at the Diocesan Ministry Center.

2 Comments on “Gospel of Thomas & City of God

  1. Does the Episcopal Church accept the Gospel of Thomas as cannon or inspired? I am surprised to see this with no qualification.


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